Dates for LAST ATTEMPT exams

03.04.2023 -  

The date for the LAST ATTEMPT exams are:


- 10:00 

- 10:30

- 11:00 

- 14:00

- 14:30 

- 15:00

NOTE: Last attempt exams are offered exclusively for degrees that prescribe a last attempt, and state that this attempt must be an oral exam.

Important announcement regarding registration process:

In order to stay more compliant to the social distancing guidelines, the registration for the exam will be conducted slightly differently.

    Download, print, and fill out the examination registration form from the examination office. Fill all fields except the date and time.
    Submit the document to Mr. Knopke electronically Deadline 01.07.2023.
    The next available time slot will be assigned to you, and Mr. Knopke forwards the updated form to the examination office. You will be informed about the date and time for your exam.

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