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Productive Teaming Symposium


Current technological development enables highly complex, intelligent, adaptable and autonomous cyber-engineered systems that can support, complement and surpass human cognitive abilities and skills in solving the new challenges of tomorrow. This constant further development of increasingly powerful and intelligent technologies is currently leading to equally new and complex challenges in dynamic production systems, which must be mastered quickly and consistently. A central challenge in the field of production systems in the future will be to solve highly complex problems with countless parameters that far exceed the capacities of gap and conventional human teams. Therefore, in order to solve these problems and to increase productivity, it is absolutely necessary to form teams of people and production systems that are specialized in such “teaming” between people and production systems. "Productive Teaming" is a joint research initiative of the TU Chemnitz, the TU Ilmenau and the OVGU Magdeburg, which has developed from the already existing research and innovation network "CHIM". The aim of this initiative is to use overarching themes to better understand the teaming between human and artificial agents and to find an answer to the following research question, among others: Can intelligent systems be cognitively augmented in such a way that they are able to use the skills and Dynamically anticipate the needs of the team partner within this process?

More informations about the research initiative you can find here: CHIM.

TU Chemnitz, 28.03.2023
(Author: Marlies Facius)

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