Data Mining I Tutorial

21.11.2019 -  

UPDATE: A third DMI tutorial will be offered on 07.02.20 at 15:00 in G22A-105. Registration is not necessary.


In preparation for the upcoming DMI exam in February, 2020, we're offering a tutorial on 13./20.12.2019:

This facultative tutorial is offered only for students who did not pass the Data Mining I exam in summer term 2019 and are currently preparing for their 2nd/3rd trial in February, 2020. The tutorial is offered in a Q&A format and serves as chance for interested students to discuss general lecture content, specific exercise tasks or other concerns in preparation for the upcoming exam.
Interested students have to register themselves for this tutorial via LSF.

Room: G029-021 (KMD Lab) G22A-105

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