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KMD stands for "Knowledge Management and Discovery" .

The KMD Lab is part of the department Technical and Business Information Systems (ITI)

The KMD Lab has been established in February 2003.


In the KMD lab, we develop and apply data mining methods for dynamic environments, with particular emphasis on:

  • Machine Learning methods for streams and time series with gaps – prediction and feature contribution
  • Parsimonious usage of data and features – cost-aware active feature acquisition methods
  • Design of human-understandable solutions

Our application areas are:

More on our research can be found here.

Our research is reflected in our teaching curriculum, which is built around the topic of data mining: Students learn underpinnings of data mining in all bachelor courses we offer. In the mandatory courses ITO and WMS of the Bachelor Wirtschaftsinformatik degree, we focus on mining for business applications. In the Recommenders course, we elaborate on the mining methods for static and stream recommenders.

In the courses Data Mining I (two variants, one for bachelor degrees, one for master degrees), students learn fundamentals on algorithms, model evaluation and data preparation. In Data Mining II, students learn learning methods for timestamped data. In the seminars, team projects and individual projects, students learn to design and apply mining and machine learning methods in realistic applications, and they get involved in our research - in team projects and individual projects. Our courses can be found under Study.



Exam Inspection for RECSYS 23/24


Exam Inspection for RECSYS takes place on April 10 and 11 - by appointment only, please contact Prof. Spiliopoulou.

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Exam Inspection WiSe 23/24


*** ENG

Inspection of exam sheets - Dates per appointment only

Inspection of the exam sheets for the KMD exams of February/March 2024 at following dates:

  •     10. April 2024, 9:30-12:00
  •     11. April 2024, 9:30-12:00

 per appointment only. Appointments only until March 28: please email the KMD team member responsible for the course.

*** DEU

 Klausureneinsicht - TERMINE (nur mit Terminvereinbarung)

 Die Klausureinsicht für die KMD Klausuren in Feb/März 2024 findet statt am

  •     10. April 2024, 9:30-12:00
  •     11. April 2024, 9:30-12:00

 ausschließlich mit Terminvereinbarung bis 28. März. Senden Sie bitte eine E-Mail an das für den Kurs zuständige KMD-Teammitglied.

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Last Attempt Exams WiSe 23/24


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examination dates for 3rd try - attention: ORAL exams

The exams for 3rd try are oral. The next dates for all KMD courses, and thus for this course too are:

  •     15. July 2024, 10:00-12:00 (4 slots)
  •     15. July 2024, 13:00-16:00 (6 slots)
  •     17. July 2024, 09:30-11:30 (4 slots)

Slot reservation until June 20 via KMD secretary Christian Knopke: he will give you the next free slotes. THEN you must register with the examinations office too, until June 28.

*** DEU

Zweite Wiederholungsprüfung - Termine

Die zweite Wiederholungsprüfung (dritter und letzter Versuch) ist mündlich. Die nächsten Termine für alle KMD Lehrveranstaltungen sind:

  •     15. Juli 2024, 10:00-12:00 Uhr (4 slots)
  •     15. Juli 2024, 13:00-16:00 Uhr (6 slots)
  •     17. Juli 2024, 09:30-11:30 Uhr (4 slots)

Terminreservierung via KMD Sekretariat, Herrn Christian Knopke: Sie bekommen von ihm den nächsten freien Slot.
ACHTUNG: Terminreservierung bis zum 20. Juni möglich, dann Registrierung an Prüfungsamt bis 28. Juni

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Dates for LAST ATTEMPT exams

14.12.2023 -

The date for the LAST ATTEMPT exams are:


- 13:30 

- 14:00

- 14:30

- 15:00 

- 15:30

- 16:00


- 10:30

- 11:00

- 11:30

- 12:00

- 12:30

- 13:00

NOTE: Last attempt exams are offered exclusively for degrees that prescribe a last attempt, and state that this attempt must be an oral exam.

Important announcement regarding registration process:

In order to stay more compliant to the social distancing guidelines, the registration for the exam will be conducted slightly differently.

    Download, print, and fill out the examination registration form from the examination office. Fill all fields except the date and time.
    Submit the document to Mr. Knopke electronically Deadline 12.01.2024.
    The next available time slot will be assigned to you, and Mr. Knopke forwards the updated form to the examination office. You will be informed about the date and time for your exam.

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Klausureinsicht ITO

Liebe Studierende,

diejenigen unter euch, die ihre ITO Prüfung aus dem vergangenen Sommersemester einsehen möchten, können sich einen Termin am 08. November 2023 nehmen. Hierzu meldet ihr euch bitte per Mail bis zum 07. November 2023 bei Maik Büttner, um einen Termin für die Einsicht zu vereinbaren.

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Klausureinsicht DM4BA

Alle Studierenden, die ihre Prüfungen in DM4BA aus dem vergangenen Sommersemester einsehen möchten, können dies am 07. November 2023 tun. Diejenigen von Ihnen, die ihre Prüfungen einsehen möchten, werden gebeten, sich schriftlich bis zum 05. November 2023 an Miro Schleicher zu wenden, um einen persönlichen Termin zu vereinbaren.

Für eine Prüfungseinsicht ist ein Termin erforderlich. Die Termine werden am 07. November 2023 angeboten und sind nicht übertragbar.

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Software Projects Winter Semester 23/24


Topics for Software Projects will be presented on the 19th of October in G29-020 at 11am.

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