Invited Speakers

  • Martin Atzmueller, Osnabrück University, Germany
  • Muhammad Imran, Qatar Computing Research Institute, Qatar
    • Talk title: COVID-19 Pandemic Through Social Media Lens: A Comprehensive Dataset and Analysis
    • Abstract: The past several years have witnessed a huge surge in the use of social media platforms during mass convergence events such as health emergencies, natural and human-induced disasters. These non-traditional data sources are becoming vital for disease forecasts and surveillance when preparing for epidemic and pandemic outbreaks. This talk will present a diversified analysis of a large-scale COVID-19 multilingual dataset consisting of more than 2 billion tweets collected worldwide. I will present how different countries and societies embarrassed COVID-19 as perceived from their views on social media, their sentiment and perception on measures taken by authorities such as lockdowns, and the challenges they faced amidst the pandemic such as food insecurity, shortage of masks and supplies. I will also present the broad coverage of the data using trends representing different topics such as education, employment, tourism, economy, sports, the environment.
    • Brief bio: Dr. Muhammad Imran works as a Research Scientist and Lead of the Crisis Computing team at Qatar Computing Research Institute. His interdisciplinary research focuses on natural language processing, social and crisis computing, applied machine learning, and human-computer interaction. Dr. Imran received his PhD in computer science from the University of Trento in 2013. He then worked as a Postdoctoral researcher at QCRI from 2013-2015. Dr. Imran has published over 80 research papers in top-tier international conferences and journals including ACL, SIGIR, ICDM, ICWSM, and WWW. Four of his papers received the "Best Paper Award" and two "Best Paper Runner-up Award." He has been serving as a co-chair of the Social Media Studies track of the ISCRAM international conference since 2014 and has served as Program Committee for many major conferences and workshops.

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