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Forschungsprojekt (FOPJ) - Research Project - Dates/Times/Location:
Wed. 11:00 bis 13:00 weekly G29-021 Hielscher ,

Overview (from LSF)

Learning Content

Goal of the TP-KMD projects is to train students in designing and implementing a solution to a realistic problem. The TP-KMD projects are for teams of at least 3 students and require teamwork.

The projects' topics are advanced topics from the research area "Knowledge Management & Discovery", including topics from following fields:
- Stream Mining and Timeseries Analysis
- Recommenders and Opinion Mining
- Medical Mining
- Active & Semi-supervised (Stream) Learning


TP-KMD implements the Scientific Teamproject (Wisssenschaftliches Teamprojekt - WTM). Depending on the degree you study, the TP-KMD is assigned to different areas.

The topics of the TP-KMD projects are announced each semester at the first or second week. The exact date, time and courseroom of this first meeting are announced short before the semester start: please check at
the KMD website and for printed announcements.

You apply for each project topic as a team. Notice that each topic may have a different supervisor, so after the presentation of all topics, make sure that you apply to the responsible supervisor. The assignments
are decided soon thereafter, taking the background of the team into account. Instructions and timeline are presented together with the topics at the first meeting.

Most topics can be done on English or German.


Topics and Timeline for Winter term 2018/2019 here


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