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DM II Lecture Materials on Moodle


The course materials for Data Mining II for Winter Semeter 2020/2021 will be distributed through Moodle. All interested students are requested to sign up on the Moodle link here.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the university needs ensure that everyone enrolled to a course can be easily reached in interest of tracking and tracing infections. Towards this, the LSF Registrations to a course will be used regardless of whether the course materials are distributed through Moodle / Zoom / BigBlueButton, etc... All students interested in the course are therefore required to ALSO SIGN UP FOR THE COURSE ON LSF.

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DM4BA Einsicht Sommer 2020


Bitte meldet euch bis zum 31.10.2020 per mail bei christian.beyer at und wir werden uns dann bei euch wegen einem Termin für die Klausureinsicht melden.

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SS 2020 WMS and DM2 Exam Information

13.07.2020 -

Please arrive at least 30 minutes early to the exam so everybody can disinfect their hands and go to their place.

Bitte kommt mindestens 30 Minuten vor der Prüfung, damit alle ihre Hände desinfizieren und ihren Platz einnehmen können.

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A guideline for homework reports and of bachelor/master theses manuscripts

16.06.2020 -

Under the following link is a guideline for the preparation of homework reports and of bachelor/master theses manuscripts with example templates.

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